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About Rosieanna

Rosetta Nguyen-Keiser (Rose) is a Fashion designer from Vietnam. She was born and raised in a small river-town, known as Ben Tre, which is in the southern part of Vietnam known as the Mekong Delta.

At a very young age, Rose knew she had an interest in fashion and clothing when she practiced making clothing for her dolls, she would get many compliments for her ideas.

After grade school, she was awarded the opportunity to go to a university in Ho Chi Minh City for Fashion design, where she completed a 5 year degree. During her college program, she was recognized as being in the top ten for the "Triumph Inspiration Award" for top new Vietnamese designers. 2 years in a row.

After College Rose worked for one of the most well-known designers in Vietnam, known for traditional Vietnamese clothing.

In 2011, Rose opened her first store in Ho Chi Minh City named "Art Boutique". She concentrated on stylish trends in clothing as well as clothing accessories.

The store was very successful and remained open for 4 years, when she decided to plan her move to the USA.

Now she is ready for her new adventure in America and to utilize her talent for fashion and Art.

We hope you enjoy your clothing by Rosieanna.